My comments on "Why the World Needs a New Database System"

Nice post by Anand on Datawocky
Why the World Needs a New Database System ! The post talks about the need for a new database system built on top of commodity hardware, that can handle large amount of data, and provides an easy to use query language. On solution front, Anand's post focuses mainly on Aster Data. Although there are mainly solutions mentioned in the comments sections.

Definitely there is a need for a simple query language (SQL like) to process large amount of data distributed over commodity hardware.

I feel Hypertable , an open source version of Bigtable, may be a good way to address this problem. Hypertable uses a query language (HQL - Hypertable Query Language) that is similar to SQL. Hypertable can be installed over distributed file system like HDFS, and KFS. Since these file systems are fault-tolerant and scale well with the number of nodes in the system, Hypertable is also fault-tolerant and scalable.

I wonder how Aster data solution fares with respect to Hypertable.